29 September 2017

New Chipotle Pulled Pork Pizza (@Dominos_UK) By @Cinabar

We decided to have pizza from Dominos for a quick tea. Spectre is still on crutches so a simple and tasty dinner was to be ordered. As there was a new pizza listed on their website, Chipotle Pulled Pork, it was easy to choose what to have. “New”, that’s how we roll at Foodstuff Finds.
We made no changes to the pizza, and had a medium size exactly as recommended. The pizza arrived and looked stunning, there was loads of topping. I was pleased to see plenty of vegetables too, red and green peppers, onions and sweetcorn. I love a mix of textures, and the crunchy vegetables mixed with the soft pulled pork, and the firm bread base was a texture combination mixed in heaven.
The pulled pork shone in terms of flavour too. The barbecue and tomato tastes from the meat and sauce was stunning, and I loved how the chipotle sauce added a really good burn from the chilli heat, my mouth could really feel the spicy warmth. This made the creamy garlic dip they sent heaven for dipping the crusts and cooling my mouth down.
In short this pizza was fantastic. Gorgeous spicy moist meat, plenty of fresh crunchy vegetables, and absolute treat.

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