22 September 2017

New York Cheesecake Kit Kat (WH Smith) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat is one of those brands where there seem to be lots of exciting flavours abroad, and more limited versions here in the UK. This means that when there is a new flavour out I get excited, and this new Kit Kat is flavoured with New York Cheesecake. This one doesn’t even contain caramel flavours, which they usually do in the UK. We’ve had Toffee Treat, Double Caramel, and Vanilla. The basic rule being, nothing too adventurous for the British market. Actually, this doesn’t sound that far off from Vanilla, as that is the main flavour in cheesecake. I’m however a fan of baked cheesecakes, my favourite being German style, so I still hoped this would be an interesting bar.
The New York Cheesecake Kit Kat is in the chunky range, and available as a single bar. I opened up the bar and there are marks to break it into three pieces, Inside a layer of fondant sits atop the usual chocolate and wafer. I gave the bar a try and the flavour wasn’t that dissimilar to a regular Kit Kat Chunky. It was a mild additional taste. The flavour of milk chocolate was predominant, then there was a nice hint of vanilla and creamy, cheesecake taste. I enjoyed the bar, and the hint of cheesecake was good, but it still isn’t much of a daring variety. It is one step up from vanilla, but it was still a little safe for my taste buds. If you are after an easy to like bar this will do, if you know about the crazy Japanese flavours (wasabi!) this will leave you a little disappointed.

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Lia said...

The taste of this reminded me so much of something, I just can't think what! I only managed to eat 1/3; I didn't like it at all.