4 September 2017

New Caramelised Pecan Latte (#CaramelisedPecanLatte Starbucks) By @Cinabar

Well hello autumn. I actually like the in-between seasons, like autumn and spring Winter is cold but at least has Christmas, and I seem to spend summer hoping for a hot day and then get disappointed both with rainy days and ironically days that are too hot. The other seasons are just a bit more mellow. Autumn also means excuses for more comforting food and drink, and Starbucks have launched this New Caramelised Pecan Latte. What better way to start September.
I ordered the drink which I had been alerted to via an email, and the lady at the till had to ask someone about it and how to put it through the till it was so new.
My drink arrived topped with a mountain of cream and sauce and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I started by eating some of the cream and sauce with a spoon, as the cream looked a bit dangerous to start sipping. I liked the flavour of the sweet sauce and cream together, it was very rich but wonderfully sweet and indulgent.
When the cream was at a safe level to proceed I gave the coffee a taste, and found it spot on. I was impressed because this part of the drink wasn’t too sweet, but its lush nutty taste was gorgeous. Who knew nuts and coffee would go so well together. I don't usually have sugar in my coffee so this more wholesome flavour worked perfectly for me.
In other exciting news the Pumpkin Spice Latte is also back, so I think I will have round two of welcoming autumn in with that later in the week.

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