10 September 2017

Savian (it's a bit like Bombay Mix) (by @NLi10)

The mini-markets near me are predominantly Asian or Eastern European.  This means that while buying muffins or waffles can mean trying multiple shops (I had to go to Iceland after trying 5 other smaller places on the way) you are sure to find some more regional snacks to review.

I saw a tub of what I would call Bombay Mix in the first place I went in, but it was far too large for a single person.  Further back in the store I found what can only be described as a selection of other mixes - only one of which was Bombay - there were all kinds of variations!  I feel like some poor uneducated westerner, having used the terminology wrong all this time.  They all seemed to be savoury snacks and the majority appeared to have some kind of spice.  I chose Savian because I like noodle shaped things, and it has Tumeric in it which is apparently good for my arthritis.

In the bag it looks like a pretty huge portion at 400g but I'm likely to have people round at some point so it'll get eaten.  The wrapper is too similar to the bags that the dry cat food comes in so any time I pour some out I get a lot of unwanted attention from our 4.

The back has a list of all the other varieties I could have had, a lot seeming more filling than this with lentils and dried fruit.  It's been years since I've had savoury snacks like this that were not just crisps so simple is best I feel.

They have a good colour too and seem to have stayed fresh in their journey all the way from Bradford.

They taste a lot like the spice section in the supermarket smells, I think it's the mix of chilli and Tumeric that does that, but it builds a little too so you can basically keep piling it into your mouth until you get the desired heat level (for me - fairly low).

And they are indeed the perfect nibble, being compulsive enough to keep going back for and not so filling that you'd spoil your meal.  You could easily sever these with a few dips as a starter too.  I have a feeling that I'll be working my way around the varieties quite slowly, but that I'll probably be back for more.

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