15 September 2017

Tab x Tab Review (Coffee Shop) By Fey

You can’t miss Tab x Tab as you’re walking down Westbourne Grove, as I saw as more and more passers-by came to look around. The coffee shop has a beautiful outdoor area and the inside is interior design at it’s best. The space is open with lots of greenery and every aspect has been meticulously chosen - from the designers of the crockery and the trays to the preference of clear milk jugs vs metal. Customers can browse over School of Life books and cards as well as beauty and grooming products.

I was greeted by Lucas, who’s knowledge of the art of coffee making is extraordinary. This passion and the willingness to share with each customer is what creates the unique experience at Tab xTab.

First I was given an Ethiopian filter coffee. Whilst many coffee houses may show a preference for this in espresso form, I learnt that a filtered coffee retains it’s caffeine for longer as it has more time to mix with the water. It allows for a delicate taste with still a burst of energy. It was truly easy to drink, and I can imagine how this would be a great kick start for the day.

To balance things out, I then tried a matcha tea. This was in it’s purest form, unlike the latte’s that are commonly sold. Milk actually diminishes the antioxidants of the matcha. I had mine with just water and ice for a naturally refreshing drink. The richer the colour, the richer the taste and the benefits. This drink is perfect for a sustained, natural wave of energy.

Next, it was time for an espresso made from Brazilian coffee beans. This had an incredibly intense and nutty flavour. Paired with an Amaretto biscuit, this had the richest flavour, without being overbearing.

To finish, I was given the same coffee with milk, in a latte form. This was incredibly easy to drink and the milk really brought out the nutty flavour - especially when drunk alongside the a brownie bite. I was also able to see where the magic happens, thanks to the state of the art machine - one of the very few in London.

All the bevarages I tried at Tab x Tab complimented each other really well. I left feeling relaxed and ready for the day, thanks to both the kick of the caffeine and the kind and friendly staff. I’d definitely recommend a visit and soaking up the atmosphere.

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