27 September 2017

Hummus Chips Kalamata Olives flavour (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

There is nothing funny about these Hummus Chips from Wellaby's. Get it? Hummus - humorous? Okay, okay… sorry! Although having said that, I don't think I've eaten Kalamata Olive flavoured crisps before so this'll be two firsts.

Regular readers may know that I do like to try alternative snacks to crisps and nuts. So these Hummus Chips Kalamata Olives flavour sounded right up my street. I have tried hummus dip before with breadsticks at parties, and although I wouldn't run out and buy the stuff myself, I don't mind it all that much either. There was mention of a hummus sandwich in a comedy play I watched recently, which sounds like the most boring thing to eat on the planet. To me, hummus is like someone ran over a consignment of chickpeas and really needed to do something with it to make some sort of profit. I imagine these Hummus Chips are some castoff from that incident. They are baked, not fried, for extra healthiness and given a flavouring of the Kalamata Olives that were in the back of the truck that ran the chickpeas over.

On opening the packet there was a surprisingly spicy whiff of cumin mixed with the smell of baked hummus, with a light smell of olives at the back of the aroma. These thin rectangular pieces of baked hummus had a very good crunch to them. There was an initial Kalamata Olive flavour which washed around the mouth with the hummus, and then a medium spice from the cumin, which almost made them finish on a curry flavour.

The back of the packet recommends trying these hummus chips with tzatziki dip… I suppose a hummus dip would be too much of an overkill? Joking asides though I reckon they'd go just as well dipped in anything from a good spicy salsa to sour cream and chives. However, because of the cumin spice I'd recommend a cucumber raita to really draw out the curry goodness. And I'm sure that these Hummus Chips Kalamata Olives flavour would probably make a good alternative to popadoms.

Information on the packet;
The 120g bag recommends 30g servings which have 117 calories, with 1.8g of fat, 2g of sugar, and 0.65g of salt. These chips are wheat free, gluten free, nut free, MSG free, non GMO, and also a source of protein. Please see below for ingredients.

Potato Starch, Chickpea Flour (16%), Corn Flour, Milk Proteins, Lentil Flour, Rice Flour, Kalamata Olives (7%), Palm Oil, Sugar, Pea Flour, Sea Salt, Single Cream (Milk), Raising Agent: E503, Emulsifier: E471, Dried Lemon Juice, Kalamata Olives Paste, Dried Cumin, Dried Garlic, Antioxidant: Rosemary Extract

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