26 September 2017

Degusta Box September 2017 (@DegustaboxUK) By @Cinabar

That lovely delivery man has dropped my surprise box of goodies from Degusta. This is a monthly box packed with new and interesting food goodies, which you can subscribe to on their website. Each month is a complete surprise, and that makes it rather fun. So I started to unpack the box.

First up we have some interesting breakfast items. There is the new Cherrios Oat Crisps, which look rather like their version of a muesli. Plus here is quinoa milk to splash over them. I’ve tried almond and hazelnut milk, but this one is new on me. I might try some in smoothies too once I’ve opened it.

There is a Latin American theme too, with some Peanut Sauce and Coconut and Chilli Rice. I’ll have to pick up a pack of diced chicken and mix this up and try this out. There is also an Egg Custard Filling, which is popular with this kind of food. I will mix this up too, and make my own egg custard tart, with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

There are always good drinks in the box, and this is no exception. We have to new energy drinks to try from Virtue. These have no added sugar, and one is flavoured with lemon and lime, the other berries. There is also a bottle of beer in our box, at first I thought it was a regular San Miguel but it the new Gluten Free edition. I wonder whether Spectre will spot it?

There are some other savoury items too, a tin of tuna, some beef stock in liquid form, and a Ramon Noodle Kit. I look forward to experimenting with all of these.

Finally there is always something for my sweet tooth and this box is no exception. We have a mixed packet of Mentos mints, which I will take to work. Perfect for sugar cravings and to freshen up before meetings. There is also the Green and Blacks Velvet Edition 70% chocolate. This is a new ultra smooth chocolate from them, and I can’t wait to give tit a try. Hoping for a lovely rich bar.

Yet again this was a fab selection of foodie products from Degusta. There was a nice Latin American twist, and plenty to tantalise the taste buds. Keep an eye out for the reviews of some of the products we try out.

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