20 October 2017

Ambrosia Deluxe Custard (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

We don’t have custard very often, so I thought we might try out what looked like the poshest canned variety and therefore we went for; Ambrosia Deluxe Custard. Its deluxe nature comes from the recipe containing West Country Cream, and clotted cream at that.
The can got poured into a pan and heated on the hob. While it was cooking I could see that the custard was thick, and we poured it over some steamed syrup puddings. Spectre had enough to completely cover his, he is a bit of a custard fan.
I found the custard to be of a very good flavour. The taste was richer than regular custard and the vanilla seemed to be more developed. Reading the ingredients I was pleased to see that it is a proper vanilla extract rather than an artificial flavour and I think this really helps. The custard was extra creamy too, and the West Country Cream shone through making this seem like a proper treat.
I was impressed that I could tell the difference between this and regular custard and I have to admit I did like the thicker texture and more indulgent taste. As I said we don’t have custard very often, so I think I will be buying this again. If you are going to do it, you may as well do it properly.

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