5 October 2017

Indian Brewery Co., Birmingham UK @IndianBrewery @NLi10

No lads night out would be complete without a few beers and some takeaway food, even if the lads are all scientists and the take-away is actually eaten in a trendy street-food location.  On a work night out it was decreed that we should trek over to the Indian Brewery Company to sample their fantastic sounding menu.

As is traditional the person whose leaving do it was completely over ordered getting us enough food for at least 6 people - to the extent that they had to bring it in shifts! I'd been a little more sensible choosing the one item I required and then sniping other parts of the meal as it appeared.

Above we see the first course of the Royal Rumble - which is basically one of everything on the menu except we had added an extra mixed grill (and my Fat Naan).

With my limited ability to tolerate large amounts of spicy food this was more than enough for me (you get two of the above for £7.50) and the flavour was simply divine. Hot enough to be interesting, but not so much that the herbs and subtlety is lost.  I could eat one of these right now - easily.  Good enough that I was messaging multiple friends and explaining that I'd take them soon.

Here is one of the mixed grills, I picked at this to help out, but the kebab was a spicy risk that I dodged and the rest was mostly demolished by my companions.  I had more than enough pakora and masala chips to make the visit worth while.

Here is the full menu - considering that you could easily feed five on the Royal Rumble alone the prices are very fair.  If I went 'alone' I'd have the Chicken Run fat naan again with Pakora Pops.

The drinks were very confusing - I had a Limca which seems to be a kind of Indian Banta style flat lemonade.  It was decent enough, but maybe a bit too sherbet like for my tastes.  I'll try the High5 cola style version next time.

Ordinarily at places like this the beer drinkers extol the virtues of their own distinct selections and then swap sips and make plans for round two.  No-one liked their initial drink - and pints were even left at the end! This struck me as strange for a 'brewery' style location and maybe our taste buds are just not tuned in the same as the local crowd.  The green can (Siera?) was bought as a replacement drink by one person and enjoyed, but the remainder was very much drunk under sufferance and a second round was not purchased.

Overall though the food was amazing, the portions more generous than anticipated and a return visit assured.  There just aren't enough work trips out available to eat in all the great places that Birmingham has attracted recently!

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