27 October 2017

Toffee Pecan Whips (M&S) By @Cinabar

Recently I have written about the new flavour of Whips from Nestle, as they launched both a mint and a caramel edition. On of the best places to buy flavoured Whips has always been Marks and Spencer so I thought I’d take a look and see how their new autumnal products compare. I was really pleased to pick up a box of these Toffee Pecan Whips.
These may not be “Walnut” Whips, but they have added a nice touch with a pecan nut on the top which means they look much better than being plain. As I like nuts I was pleased with the addition, Nestle’s flavoured versions look a little naked. The chocolate on the Whip is good and thick and deliciously sweet and creamy. I was impressed that inside there was actually a nice layer of gooey liquid toffee that was sweet and really made these chocolate feel special. The whip inside was light and fluffy and I loved the mix of textures.
These Marks and Spencer Toffee Pecan Whips felt very luxurious and I loved the added detail with there being both toffee and whip in the filling, and a nicely chosen pecan nut adorning it. If I had to guess it might well be that Nestle that makes these for Marks and Spencer, but either way the Marks and Spencer version of the Whips have the edge, both on variety and appearance.

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