19 October 2017

Las Iguanas - Beetroot, Avocado & Cranberry Ensalada (@NLi10)

We are big fans of Las Iguanas - from the cocktails through to the puddings - but I’d not had a reason to visit the new Birmingham branch on Temple Street until we were looking for somewhere diverse enough to take a group of work people before the theatre.

On the new winter menu there are a few choice selections - including an epic salad with Beetroot, Avocado, Cranberry sprinkled with candied spiced almonds, and if you pay extra some grilled chicken!

Look at that - it’s fantastic! It has a whole head of nutrients and is certainly filling with the avocado and chicken. This is also on the fast lunch menu so I could happily eat this everyday if there was a Las Iguanas at work.

And to follow this we got given a small Basil quiche on our way into the highly amusing play we all went To see.

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