13 October 2017

McVities Digestives Coffee Caramel (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I'm keep seeing new biscuits to try, it must the autumn and comfort food coming more into season. These new ones from McVities are in their Digestives range and are chocolate coated but with a layer of coffee caramel in between.
Once open the biscuits have a light coffee cream aroma, sweet, chocolatey and with a nice rich coffee smell. The flavour is similar to this, with the coffee well defined. As someone who loves a mix of textures I have to say the gooey caramel layer mixed with the crunchy biscuit worked really well for me. I don’t actually eat a lot of biscuits, but I still really rated these on the snacking front. They provided a lovely hit of chocolate and the added coffee taste was just at the right level. The wholesome oaty flavour of the Digestive biscuit was complimented rather than overpowered, and the balance of flavours was spot on.
The added coffee taste meant these McVities Digestives Coffee Caramel are perfect with a cuppa too, and make a lovely afternoon treat.

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