22 October 2017

Gummy Bears (but without all the crap) Free From Fellows @NLi10

Holland And Barrett sell all kinds of lovely things to eat, and their healthy sweets have been very successful for me.  It seemed that they had run out of the Hello Kitty ones that I wanted for Halloween which is a major issue I have one week to rectify - but they did have these.

Same principle as the HK, you take out all the rubbish that makes children crazy and you just give them something fun to chew.  How these are as sweet as they taste when they are sugar free is some baffling science indeed.

I didn't get the best pictures of these unfortunately - we were out - but they seem to be full of the lovely sweetener that my sugar free polo's use so I'm a fan.

The texture though is just too sticky! these little bears will attempt to steal your fillings with every bite so I ended up using them as a soft boiled sweet.  If you like your sweets sticky then these are one to go for, for me - the flavours and ideology was great but the texture wasn't something I enjoyed.  A lot less morish than I expected with people turning down a second helping!

I'm sure these will be a pleasure to finish at work but only a mild success for me.

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