6 October 2017

New Oreo Choc o Brownie Flavour (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I do like Oreo biscuits, they are in the list of biscuits I like enough not to need to dunk. Most biscuits are improved by a splash of coffee I find, but there are a few rare examples that I’m happy to eat without and Oreo fits neatly in this category.
To be fair to Oreo they are quite good at limited edition flavours in the UK, and we have had mint, strawberry and peanut butter “flavour” all available recently as well as having “Choc” ones about before now. These Oreo Choc o Brownie looked mighty similar to the regular chocolate flavour with its brown filling, and on taste test I have to admit it tasted similar too. This is not a bad thing, extra chocolate in Oreos still provides a good flavour and an enjoyable biscuit. I couldn’t pick up on the brownie element, I guess the specifics of the cake are just very much like a chocolate biscuit at heart. For me the chocolate flavour was missing out on the contrast of the filling and base biscuit. Even the plain creamy filling this works so well with the dark biscuit.
So these are very enjoyable biscuits, similar to chocolate Oreos, and not quite as exciting as some of the other fun flavours, but still all together tasty as that Oreo base flavour still shines through. I did once try dipped Oreos in white chocolate, and to be honest they will remain my favourite variety even if they are near impossible to find in this country.

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