12 October 2017

Bounce Energy Balls - coconut & lemon; almond & kale (@NLi10)

Holland & Barrett are a great store for little healthy snacks - and I always meant to pick up more of this Bounce Energy Ball range - so while they had a 2 for one deal on I picked a few up.

I’m using my Guatemalan snack people for scale.

First up we have coconut and lemon protein crush.  As long as we understand that energy and calories are essentially the same thing and that most seeds and nuts are protein then we can ignore the blurb and dig right in!

Here we see that its quite a pale flat ball, but its covered in the coconut and it goes pretty deep too.  The lemon flavour is certainly present but it’s not as ‘lemon drizzle cake’ as I expected. It’s not quite bitty enough for me and has quite a flat texture, but it’s really nice and fills the ‘7pm and still at work’ gap nicely.

From another evening we have the newer V-life packaging of the Bounce range.  I think this is more a rebranding than a separate range as it’s the same kind of thing. 

The Guatemalan snack people are worshiping the kale here - although you can’t really taste it.  This is more of a ‘bird feeder’ ball than the other having a lot of different textures and tastes and it’s a lot more fun to chew because of it.  The flavour isn’t quite as sharp as the previous one though so both have their pluses.

Both are good purchases - especially at the discount rate - and I’ll keep a supply on hand.  They are all quite samey so it’s not worth reviewing every single variety, but I’m bound to get through them all eventually!

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