9 October 2017

Nestle Whip - Delightful Mint (PoundLand) By @Cinabar

I am a big of fan of Nestle’s Walnut Whips, they are a lovely combination of chocolate, nut and soft mallow. I love to pick them up as a treat and keep an eye out for their blue boxes, particularly at Christmas. What caught my eye this time was a green box, and a Delightful Mint edition. There is no “new” label apparent on the box, but I haven’t seen it before so I’m pretty sure it is.

The name of these chocolates is usually “Walnut Whip” but it has been shortened to just Whip as there are no nuts on top. I get that mint might not go well with walnut but I couldn’t help thinking the Whips looked a little bit naked, and could have done with some kind of decoration on top.
The chocolate is also dark chocolate, and not the usual milk I would expect from its nutty brother. Dark chocolate and mint though is a classic combination, think After Eights and those of us who are a little bit older the epic Pyramint.

The chocolate on the Whip is good and thick and still sweet despite the darker nature of the chocolate. The filling is lovely and fluffy, as you would expect from a product called Whip. The flavour is minty, and the tones of peppermint work well with the chocolate. Sweet and refreshing, and it made a really tasty treat. I really enjoyed this, I felt for my tastes the mint flavour could have been upped a notch, but ultimately this was a minty delight. Also the closest thing to a Pyramint I have seen in years, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about google it!
I have also picked up a box of the (new) Caramel version of Nestle Whips, and I’ll be writing about those very soon.

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Lisa said...

Pyramint! I miss those.

It will be interesting to see if the new Nestle Whips are better than the flavoured Whips that M&S have been doing for years now - some of those are very good!