28 October 2017

Glug M’Glug Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Watch out! There is a monster about in the hills and valleys of the deep dark countryside. Farmers say that Glug M'Glug devours their sheep. Though never seen, the monster is thought to blend into its surroundings almost chameleon like in complexion. Some say the monster is a myth that thirsty old men use to scare the youngsters for a quicker evening walk to the local country pub. Whatever Glug M'Glug may be and if it does really exist; whatever it may look like, this dark ale has been produced to celebrate it. Perhaps for its dark mood or the dark places it sleeps in during the day, only to follow the unwary as they stroll down country lanes in search of a evenings beverage.

Produced by the Black Sheep Brewery, this ale is a 6.2% volume amalgamation of Cascade hops and dark malts. On opening there was a herbal hoppish smell mixed with the dark malts in the background. This deep brown ale poured with an excitable head, like the fuzzy white fur of the beast on the front of the can. On first taste the herbal cascade hops bite at the tongue, followed by dark chocolate malt, a little sweetness from a touch of crystal malt and then malted barley to finish. This is a warming, lip smacking craft ale thats full of flavour to ward away the chill breeze of the night's air, and make you forget for a while whatever might be waiting for you outside as you leave the sanctuary of the public house!

Have a happy Halloween! ;-)

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