1 October 2017

Sushido, Sutton Coldfield UK @sushidouk @NLi10

When thinking of great Japanese food Sutton Coldfield is not the first place that springs to mind.  At one of our many (many) games nights it was suggested that we'd all like Japanese food and there wasn't a reasonable option on the chosen food app.  What to do! One of the group remembered that a restaurant that he'd always fancied when driving past had a big sign up saying 'we are now online for deliveries' or similar and a quick Google later we found them and ordered away!

They warned us that they could take an hour, but delivered in around 40 -  a rarity that other local places could take note of! And not only that, the food was really well packaged and came with chopsticks and sauces ready to be mixed to eat.

Naturally I had the Katsu Chicken Curry to put them head to head with Birmingham favourites Yakinori (who win all kinds of awards with this, their signature dish).  The quality was certainly close and I'd have to try the restaurant to get a perfect comparison but I think the Yakinori version edges it.  The fact that I'm not able to dismiss the SUSHIDO version instantly speaks volumes to the quality though, and everything here was similarly good.  And at £60 for 4 people including sides it was very reasonably priced.

It's a veritable banquet and the four of us had more than enough to go around.

The sushi had survived the trip well and I am told that the wasabi was particularly potent!  As the location of the restaurant makes it hard for us to just pop in (which is a shame as I think they'd wow us in person). I know we will be certainly ordering from here again and probably even having extra games nights locally as an excuse to try more of the menu.

A victory for small businesses with easy to Google names and 'We Deliver' signs!

Bonus mini review: the host had some Kikkoman brand Plum Wine, which oddly I'd not had before.  It was very warming and had a nice deep flavour - but I'll stick to soft drinks (and large quantities of their soy sauce!).

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