7 October 2017

Elk Warning Cider - with Strawberry (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

I'm not sure why the Swedish brewed apple cider with wild strawberries is called 'Elk Warning'. It may be because the wild strawberries used in the brewing were guarded by a band of blood thirsty Elks, or because they nibble the odd batch of wild strawberries, or because the brewers never know which of the wild strawberries in the forest have been used for target practice during toilet breaks? I was a little confused at the drawing of the Elk with the top hat and tails in front of his country manor, and hot air balloons skimming the tree tops above him. In small text on the can it does describe him as the 'King of the Forest'. Deciding to risk it and figuring King Elk has a habit of shooting trespassers who ignored his 'Elk Warning' signs at the edges of his property, I popped open the fetching black and blood red can.

There was a pleasant fizz on opening this 4% volume cider with wild strawberries. There was a smell of freshly picked strawberries mixed with apple cider. Not that freshly picked from the supermarket shelf punnet smell. No. The aroma of real freshly picked strawberries straight from a little plant in the garden or an Elk King's forest. This is a very pink lightly fizzy drink. My beer glass was slightly embarrassed by its pinkness. Not a tough guy's drink for drinking down the local waterhole, unless you have a pottery beer tankard instead. The aroma of wild freshly picked strawberries assailed by nostrils on first taste. This cider is dominated by wild strawberries. No half measures here. There is apple cider of course, but sweet strawberries to start with right through to the end. This fruity pudding cider would go down well for an afternoon refresher in the dying embers of the sun before the big freeze, even over some icy rocks if it's not too chilly outside, or perhaps after a spicy dinner to cool down your tastebuds before a fruity sweet a creamy dessert.

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