10 September 2018

Fry’s Orange Cream #itsback (Poundland) By @Cinabar

Fry’s Orange Cream

Fry’s Orange Cream isn’t a new bar, it is in fact a very old bar. The bar dates back to the 1800s and has been in and out of production over the years. A few years ago it dawned on me that it had disappeared again, I was looking at a shelf and I could see the sister bars, Fry’s Peppermint Cream and Fry’s Chocolate Cream and I realised there wasn’t even a space for it on the shelf any more. A little bit of googling and I soon worked out that I wasn’t the only one to notice its disappearance. Well exciting news everyone; it is back! Not only that but I found it in Poundland in a multipack, so 3 for £1 which is excellent value too.
The packaging is very retro with even a nod to “the king and queen” so the design does date back quite a bit. There are also the five emotions of having a Fry’s Orange Cream shown on the front of the pack too, via the face of a young lad.

Fry’s Orange Cream

As the packaging is so classical I was half expecting to find foil wrapped bars with paper around the middle, but the packaging is a little more modern inside, they are in orange plastic wrappers. The chocolate bar itself is very dark looking, and I broke a bit in half and found a white filling, the original used to be orange in colour so this is the first change. It smelt lovely by the way, and I couldn’t wait to bite in.

Fry’s Orange Cream

The chocolate is very dark and rich and cracked pleasingly when I did bite in. The filling is lovely and thick but soft, and has the original fondant texture. The flavour was sweet and very zingy, with loads of refreshing orange. The sweetness of this combined with the dark chocolate worked liked a treat, and created a proper taste sensation. For me this tasted just like the original, and I am so pleased to see it back on the shelves. I’ll be off to Poundland to stock up on some more bars. This bar is a classic and is the perfect bar for those that love chocolate and orange. So what are the chances of them brining back Fry’s Five Centres too, like this but with five different flavoured fruity fillings… this should be the next campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I see Mondelēz are releasing a Fry’s selection box for 2018 too :)