11 December 2022

A Vocados - Barcelona! And general Christmassyness (@NLi10)

Bon Nadal - and welcome to Barcelona! We went away for a week (and a bit - flight delays) to get some winter warmth and a little bit of cultural tourism.

Just look at how Christmassy everything is - even though the weather was like England in March - around 15 degrees.

The squares were dressed festively and everyone was all having a good time watching their respective favourites loose in the football.

And it was busy too - lots of locals and tourists looking for festive bargains and a bite to eat.  For night one we settled on a little place called A Vocados - which I’m sure is a pun on Avocados but I don’t know enough local dialect words to understand it.

It was pretty empty - but we were still eating on English time and a couple of hours early.

When in Spain… I had the pizza! But I did have the one with the local ham on it.  My partner had the avocados which was the specialty and it worked quite well.

They even had cold-pressed cafe style drinks for me to sample - this was nice but not too exciting. Banana and strawberry? I get confused with the fruits.

Well worth the visit and a lovely place (we were convinced it must be some local super-chain but its just a few scattered places) I’m surprised we didn’t go back on a later night.

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