20 December 2022

A Winter Wonderbar (M&S) By @cinabar

A Winter Wonderbar (M&S)

This bar is pretty, in fact very pretty, and that is its best attribute. This "Winter Wonderbar" from Marks and Spencer has clear packaging at the top to show off the beautiful bar. It is made up of white chocolate, blonde chocolate, and milk chocolate, all set in layered peaks, and is visually stunning. I bought it because of how it looks, and I won’t be the only one.

We decided to eat it as a treat while catching up on Traitors (the show had so many positive reviews that we had to give it a try). I opened up the bar, and it looked the part, but the first problem was breaking it into sharing bits, and the pieces are awkward sizes but could be broken into peaks. I picked a large piece to give it a try, and, well, it was really hard and difficult to bite. I mean, the chocolate was very solid, and the shape is cumbersome; I was trying to break a bit off and or bite it, and it was difficult. It is a solid, large lump of chocolate. The shape took away all the pleasure of eating the chocolate. I tried a smaller bit, and that was nice; the chocolate is sweet, creamy in flavour and very tasty, but the large pieces felt like a chore to munch on. It was a disappointment, and I found myself feeling like a party pooper and wishing Marks and Spencer had just made a flat bar instead of this "Winter Wonderbar." The big pieces I have left I’m going to put in mugs, add hot milk, and make hot chocolate because I’m not going to waste it, but I’m not keen on eating it either.

A Winter Wonderbar (M&S)

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