25 December 2022

Churros For Christmas! (plus Gaudi tour) by @NLi10

Merry Christmas!  It's not often my reviews go up on Christmas Day so I figured I'd make the most of it by sharing the last of the pictures in Spain - predominantly of my favourite part - the Churros.

Here we have a pink icing coated Churro which I'd not seen before so bought a couple to chew on over the trip.

It even came in fake Spanish newspaper which was very entertaining.  The market in this square in Girona was one of the best we saw too.

Each stall had a theme and they didn't seem to repeat - lots of home-made gifts that we couldn't really take with us.  But also a lovely little Churro shed which sold us 250g of Churro and some hot chocolate (no Kinder - boo) to dip it in.

I didn't think to get a picture of the whole lot of them.  I got the impression they expected us to buy a larger pot but this was the perfect size for two.

On other days - back in Barcelona we wandered around at night, looking for bonus food of course.  Here we see one of Gaudi's buildings - this is the one you can go on the roof gardens of.  I'm sure I've done that in the past.

We stayed opposite the Casa Batilo - which seems designed to confuse the iPhones photo processors!

Which led us to a fantastic ice-cream shop that sold me some waffles - even though the owner was Argentinian and the football was on.

They had a TV and a Radio with the commentary so I didn't feel too bad. Maybe we brought them luck in the penalties!

Tried to have a different thing for breakfast where possible - custard swirl

shared a pan-au-choc

Bready croissant?  Probably supposed to be for lunch...

This pastel de nata was for an afternoon snack

xuxho!  It's basically a creme filled deep fried pastry.  I should have tried to have one of these every day really.

So many good options though!

Hope your Christmas table is as bountiful as the pastry counters of Barcelona - have a great one!!


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