8 December 2022

Adventacular Update - Cadbury Advent Bar, Tony's Chocolonely Countdown & More! (@NLi10)

This year's run up to Christmas is a bit frantic so I've put all of our Advent snacks in one place - starting with one we picked up today - 3rd Dec (writing in advance as I'm currently on a plane home in your timeline!).

We'd seen the adverts for this Dairy Milk Advent Calendar Bar/Challenge and thought it was hilarious so at £2 it's well worth a pick up.  Note the £7.50 half price calendar behind - who'd pay £15 for that calendar? Well - Me - two weeks ago - see below. I've only had one choc out of it so far!!

The idea is that the bar has 24 chunks and you only eat your rationed portion on that day.  1/3 of the days a reasonable portion - the rest are quite mean.

As today is the 3rd I just had a chomp at the bar.

It's Dairy Milk - it's great! Not sure about the challenge part - we left it for friends as we have a lot of choc here.

Here is the regular shaped advent calendar from Cadbury - and you get much less of this per day than the bar we just looked at - is this a challenge too?  Does taste like Dairy Milk though so can't complain really.

Behind it is the main event.  The first £15 calendar. Tony's Chocolonely bars only used to show up in charity shops - they are slavery free chocolate bars - and when I spotted this in Oxfam I decided to pay the £15 - even though the cheaper gift boxes had a similar choc amount in them.

Can't deny that seeing them half price in Sainsbury's already did hurt!

For scale we have the other £15 calendar...

Katkin suggested we might like to buy a calendar for the cats - and promised that it wouldn't be as disappointing as all the other cat treat calendars are.

Luna was very interested in the smells.

She really tried to get into the box after she got the scent!

What you get is really sealed pockets with three freeze dried meaty bits in - and unlike previous versions of these style calendars they really went for it!  While the price (with postage) was a bit much for 24x3 treats (20p each!) I'm hoping the portion sizes increase over time and that the cats don't rip it to shreds while we are in Spain.

Tony's calendar is a little bit special.  Each day you get one of their mini bars - and in some of the more exciting flavours.  No 90g of Dairy Milk here - it's a full 225g across the whole thing.  And yeah - it's a lot more expensive but it's a festive treat and the calendar is easily recyclable (although I'm not sure the wrappers are).

I suggest that you peak into the Oxfam's and Sainsbury's near you and see if they still have reduced ones - at £7.50 this is great value.

As always the best advent treat comes in re-usable tins.

My Mother makes us custom Rocky-Road chunks based on our favourite sweets and chocolates.  Mine has nuts in this year too!  Fantastic stuff but not available on the high-street!

Merry Christmas! (Feliz Navidad!!)


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