28 December 2022

Proper Chips - Barbecue Lentil Chips (Local Shop) By @SpectreUK

Proper Chips - Barbecue Lentil Chips

Well I've enjoyed my fill of belly pork and crackling, Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake, Yule Log, plenty of beer, Christmas Mead, and lots of chocolate and sweets, so I'm feeling like I need to be a little healthier today. I found these Proper Chips - Barbecue Lentil Chips at a cafe at work a little while back. The fire engine red packet with an image of a guy delivering chillies on the front promises a bit of heat to these crisps, so I'm hoping for a burn to go with my ham and tomato sandwich for lunch.

On opening the packet there was a sweet barbecue aroma from the reddened lentil crisps inside. On taste these Proper Barbecue Lentil Chips are proper indeed. Gosh they taste good. No, they're not spicy chilli burning hot as the front of the packet suggests, but they do taste of sweet barbecue seasoning, and they were lovely and crunchy. They certainly were a tasty healthy treat after all that indulgence over the last few days.

Information on the packet;
The 20g packet contained 94 calories, 3.9g of fat, 0.9g of sugar, 1.9g of protein, and 0.51g of salt. With natural seasoning, gluten free, no palm oil, and vegan friendly, please see photograph for the ingredients.

Proper Chips - Barbecue Lentil Chips

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