10 December 2022

Future Skies Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Future Skies Beer

Cheers for Future Skies, or is it? Sported as a Citrus India Pale Ale this creation from a collaboration between North Brewing Company and Full Circle Brew Company, Future Skies, had lemon added in the brewing. Yes, lemon… I mean there are plenty of types of citrus hops, possibly without the need to add more lemon flavour. So is this a beer to toast sour times ahead? We shall see…

At 6% in volume Future Skies had an ultra citrus hoppy aroma on opening. It was almost nose tingling in citrus aroma, with a little pale malt at the back of the smell. This misty golden pale ale was truly pale in complexion. Almost bleached in look with a fairly frothy head. On taste the sheer biting citrus hop fortified by those bitter lemons bashed down the comfort door to produce a crisp fresh slap around my tastebuds. Stil it wasn't a sour beer, which is often a type of beer I simply despise.

Future Skies had a bitter to the extreme present day flavour, which was slightly smoothed out by some sweetness from the pale malts towards the aftertaste. It was not a beer I disliked, it was just a bit of a shock when I first took a swig. I settled in finally half the way through, and like any good future, you have to work hard at them and hope for the best.

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