18 December 2022

Takis - Ninja Teriyaki (from Spain) @NLi10

 We’ve had Takis in the `U.K. for a bit but they tend to be a little expensive - but in Spain there are little bags for 1 Euro and the full size ones are 2 Euro - result!

So I got a couple of the little bags to try the new flavour.

But there was an extra hot flavour we didn’t risk! In hindsight I think a small bag of these might have been a nice idea.

I’m not really sure what they are in about here - talking about the spicyness - these really aren’t one slot lower than the Fuego versions!

They were a tiny bag and they lasted most of the holidays, nice and they do taste like a meaty teriyaki, but Takis are best when the fire is really close to the edge - with the lime hit and the build of the spice.  These just didn’t hit the right spot - but they were nice enough. 

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