22 December 2022

Festive EuroFinds Barcelona (@NLi10)

 Ho Ho Ho! It's time to look at the overpriced novelty stuff from the top brands again - but this time in Spain!  They have all kinds of Euro stuff, but it's not quite the overload that you'd find in Germany or England - maybe I just didn't go into big enough stores.

A quick rearrange of the shelves for photo purposes and we have Nestle Bestial Mix - which despite the odd name (for English people) looks like a lot of fun.  A bit expensive and we can't buy them all - but something I'd be looking to try.  Oddly it looks like the idea is to take the fun shaped biscuits then mash them up.  Surely that can't be great.  Maybe the mix means some dinosaurs survive too.

Santa is provided by KitKat (also Nestle) but these were a bit odd - almost all of them had been crushed!  I think the idea is that there are KitKat bites inside, but no one buys Nestle branded stuff for the chocolate so the santa part is a bit of a novelty waste - especially if these are near the Lindt animals!

Kinder (and Farero Roche in the back left) have the right idea.  All the child suppression (Kinder Sorpresa) is Christmas related - and as big as they dare!  Comparatively this would have been the affordable option - Christmas eggs from Spain would have been about £1 each for the normal versions and as they came in boxes might have survived the RyanAir flight.

The wisemen looked ace too - but I resisted these as I thought I'd get kinder brand Churro sauce at some point.  I did not. :(

The airport had an amazing deal on Toblerones - if you bought two then they were the same price as they would be in Tesco back home. Awesome work!!  I'm not sure when the airports figured out they only had to pretend to be cheaper than the normal shops - but it seemed to be working on a lot of people.  Maybe it's just the exchange rate - or you are supposed to buy these with the refunds you get for delayed flights...

As a bonus (with a pic that shows the lovely hotel and weather - it was a t-shirt day!) I allowed myself this Bollycao Dip Dip which isn't Christmassy

But it does remind me of my childhood - where the regulations hadn't dictated that the chocolate must be hard in the UK versions of these things (probably due to cocoa content reasons) and not like a pretend Churro dip like this is. 

If only I were in a country that had the real things on tap...

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