9 December 2022

Milk Chocolate Gonk (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Milk Chocolate Gonk (Aldi)

I couldn’t resist picking up this cute Milk Chocolate Gonk from the supermarket. Call it a treat for managing to stock up on all the Christmas groceries, not that I need much of an excuse. Gonks are very popular this year; they are sort of elf-like characters, and I must admit that I feel less guilt eating a chocolate Gonk than a Santa. 

Milk Chocolate Gonk (Aldi)

This Milk Chocolate Gonk is made with a milk chocolate coating and has a firm but milky filling inside. I broke the Gonk in half, still not feeling any guilt. It wasn’t too difficult to break, but the filling isn’t soft and aerated.

I gave it a try, and it very much has Kinder Egg vibes with the combination of milk chocolate and cream taste, and it was lovely. The filling is like silk, rich and creamy in taste, and it was rather nice to eat. It was just what I needed after a cold day with work and shopping. I’m now officially ready for the weekend.

These would make good stocking fillers too. They are super cute and don’t break the bank, but I fear I might eat the other one while I’m wrapping presents.

Milk Chocolate Gonk (Aldi)

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