14 December 2022

Jack Ratt Christmas Mead (Lyme Bay Winery) By @SpectreUK

Jack Ratt Christmas Mead (Lyme Bay Winery)

Well, it's that time of year gain. It's the silly season, there's a tree in the lounge, wrapping paper in rolls in all sorts of places, baubles banging together from the stress, and good food waiting to be cooked, baked, boiled, fried, chewed and digested, after belts have been duly widened.

It's only in the last year or two that I have known and supped many of Lyme Bay Winery's flavours of meads.However, here is a mead I haven't tried, Christmas Mead. Produced with "festive spices" this 10% in volume Christmas Mead is recommended with strong cheeses and casseroles. However, I have found that mead goes very well with fig biscuits.

My favourite habit for pudding is where I enjoy a glass of Lyme Bay Winery mead with a full packet of fig biscuits. It takes a bit to juggle the calories, as a 250ml glass of mead is generally 180 calories, whereas a packet of my favourite fig biscuits is 770 calories. I have a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner to match up with the not so healthy pudding. I have always loved fig biscuits, and have a special variety I eat quite regularly. Some fig biscuits can be quite tough, but these are not too hard and are fairly chewy. They are sweet and as I say go rather well with any mead.

Getting into the Christmas spirit, I popped open this bottle and was pleased to find that Christmas Mead also complements fig biscuits very well. It was difficult to pick out the "festive spices", but I am sure with all that sweet honey came a little nutmeg, cloves and even some cinnamon. I shall try my next glass with a good fruit cake, maybe even the Christmas cake Cinabar has baked for me.

Merry Christmas :-)

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