13 December 2022

Starburst - 12 Macarons (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Starburst - 12 Macarons (Iceland)

I’m not sure how much of a natural product progression it is for Starburst (which my brain will always pronounce "Opal Fruits") to venture into macarons, but this did take me by surprise. I’ve seen variations of different sweets over the years, but this is the first time I’ve spotted biscuits. Not just any biscuits either; these are found in Iceland, so they are frozen, and you simply defrost them before eating. They aren't designed to be eaten cold.

Inside the box are 3 flavours, strawberry, orange, and lemon. I gave one a try and found the texture lovely; they were perfect despite being frozen. They're soft and crispy, and the filling is firm but not hard. What was amazing was the flavours, you could really tell they were based on Starburst sweets. The lemon was sweet and zingy, the orange was tangy and sweet, and the strawberry had a delicious berry flavor. They were just so similar to the sweets that I was very impressed. All I could think when I was eating them was that they were made to make your mouth water. Yes, stop judging my age already. 

Starburst - 12 Macarons (Iceland)


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