4 December 2022

Korean style fried chicken by YO! (at Iceland) by @NLi10

 While looking for things to combine into deals at Iceland I spotted this reasonable approximation of my beloved spicy chicken from Yakinori.

Oh no - they tricked me into buying chicken nuggets!

Well - a little higher quality - these are at least bits of chicken - and the source is very luxurious.

But - we are adults so lets add a few vitamins to the mix too

I didn't put the sauce in the oven obviously, but everything else just went in together which was nice and easy.

And along with some lovely garlic bread this made a decent little meal.

The sauce is the star - turning the ordinary battered chicken into a Korean delight - I only used half of the sauce too so I can have it on other things.  Well worth a pick up if you are in the market for oven food but also gives me a lot of faith for the other Iceland restaurant-at-home options I have stashed away.

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