1 December 2022

Chiquito at Home Churros (Iceland) @NLi10

Chiquito used to be a nationwide Mexican style chain in the UK.  Now it's a shadow of it's former self - our local two closed, although there is one in Dudley apparently.  It was perfect for cheap meals out, and attracted a lot of younger customers.  They have silly hats.

And now as part of the sale/downsize they are a brand of cook at home food in Iceland!

We are big fan of eating Churros at Christmas markets so I decided this would be a good first test.

Comes with all the essentials and 12 Churros so 2 or 3 portions depending on your hunger.

Bung in oven for a while at the hot temperature - not ideal at these gas prices, but if done with or straight after dinner then it's not so bad.

And they do look pretty similar to the ones we get when we are out - 


And once decorated get even closer (I'm not a massive fan of the chocolate sauces)  the sugar cinnamon mix is very good though and as a whole this was pretty successful.  At £3.50 a box (without offers) it's not a daily thing to have, but as something to hide at the back of the freezer these are a lovely winter treat and I expect to have these again.

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