10 November 2023

Swizzels Love Hearts Squash (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Swizzels Love Hearts Squash

I think this Love Hearts squash might well win the prize for the biggest anti-climax for flavour for a drink. Swizzels Love Hearts are fizzy, zingy, and exciting sweets with a mixed fruit flavour. The key thing is that consistent fizzy fun taste; whether that be mixed with a pink berry taste or a green lime flavour, they are full on. I was looking forward to finding out how the Swizzels Love Hearts flavour translated to a drink. This squash is sugar-free, which I know puts some people off but doesn’t bother me.

We normally buy double-strength squash, so I poured extra, too much extra if anything, and then I topped it up with water. I gave the drink a sip and thought I was drinking an orange cordial. I checked the bottle on the back, and I found the description of the drink, “orange and lemon squash”. That doesn’t sound very much like Swizzels Love Hearts, and it doesn’t taste like it either. I have to say I was suitably disappointed. Sure, the drink is fine; it is a citrus cordial, and I will happily finish the bottle, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Swizzels Love Hearts Squash

Would I have bought a bottle of regular ‘orange and lemon’ squash while I was in the supermarket today? No, I would not. I wanted something different; I was after a new and exciting flavour. Well played, Swizzels, because you got me, but I won’t be back for another bottle.

Swizzels Love Hearts Squash

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Mike said...

Sounds very disapointing!