28 February 2012

Jacob’s Oddities – Cheese Flavour [Baked Snack] (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

This little bag of savoury biscuits is a new line introduced by Jacobs. They have a fun sounding name ‘Oddities’ and I thought that they would be like a savoury biscuit version of Rowntree’s Randoms. I assumed that there would be loads of different shaped biscuits in the pack, and no two would be the same, making discovering shapes part of the fun. I was more than a little disappointed when I opened the bag and found that the shapes pictured on the packet are pretty much all that is in there, I was hoping for some really odd and curious shapes. Instead all I found was the bizarre eclectic set that’s pictured on the wrapper. There is a chicken, a bone, a tennis racket, a telephone, a camera and a stick man... and there are many of each. I’m not sure I get it.
Ignoring the reasoning behind the shapes, I carried on. Each of the savoury biscuits (or crackers) is a rich golden coloure and looks nicely backed. The biscuits are very light and airy, and make a gentle crunch when you bite in. It’s a good texture and feels quite satisfying to bite. The cheese flavour on them starts off quite strong with a hint of mature cheddar, and mellows to a pleasant salty cheese taste. They were very easy to munch on, and made a nice extra in my lunch box accompanying a sandwich. I was impressed by just how substantial the bag felt, and the fact that there were quite a few of these strangely shaped biscuits meant that they were a surprisingly filling snack. I’m not going to claim I get the shapes, but I certainly enjoyed the taste of these little biscuits. There are only 137 calories in the bag, and as they are baked they contain less fat so they are a tasty snack that won’t make you feel to guilty.
By Cinabar


  1. They are VERY cheesy (yum) and I found the fact that the bag opens down the sides an "Oddity" in itself!

  2. Great snack.bacon flavor is the best by far.i wish they would do salt an vinager.

  3. I second that - salt and vinegar would be ace!

  4. these remind me of the old jacobs fish and chips, chicken and chips from the 80's

  5. today i went to my local sainsburys to buy oddities multi pack salt & vineger
    but when i got home & opened the pack i got 1 unsealed pack with no oddities in it
    date 27 07 13
    3018 g
    i look forword to your reply
    mr g woodhouse

  6. I love these but can't find them in Dublin

  7. Can you find them in amazon - they stock all sorts of groceries... Hope you find them :-)

  8. I can confirm that the salt and Vinegar variety are delicious and indeed taste very similar to the classic Burtons Fish n Chips!

  9. I'm so amazed by the Salt & Vinegar flavour oddbites, I had to google and found this site! THEY ARE Burton's Fish n chips. They are AWESOME!

  10. How many slimming world sins a pack?


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