9 February 2012

Reese's BIG CUP (Mr. Simms Sweet Shop) [By NLi10]

Reese's stuff is big in the USA but only usually found in import shops and tucked away in the corner of Newsagents stores who got boxes from shady sources here in the UK. It came as a surprise to find that Mr. Simms - the good old fashioned English sweet shop has started to stock lots of these and Hershey's chocolates.

For UK readers this is almost chapter two of the story of these particular sweets as we've never mentioned Reese's normal cup. Essentially what this is a small £2 coin sized piece of chocolate that upon biting turns out to be completely full of peanut butter. If you like peanut butter it's excellent (although a little sickly) and as they tend to come in packs of three the tendency to eye up the next one is there, but resistible.

These two products above are the evolved versions of these, and I couldn't imagine how either of them would work. The one eaten today was the BIG CUP which is essentially double the size of the normal cup - meaning the chocolate to peanut butter ratio is way down! It's essentially the size of a Mr. Kippling cake, but just a thin layer of chocolate until you bite into the peanut butter.

I found that upon biting it seemed to be a little thicker in the centre than the smaller ones, and the taste was pretty much all peanuts. Not a bad thing, but I found myself eating it bite by bite instead of in two swift munches. As you could buy 6 of the regular cups (at import prices) for the £1.80 that this cost it's certainly a one off treat, but as a late night working experience it certainly boosted the energy levels and I'm still convinced that peanut butter (whose ingredients are essentially peanuts and violence) are better for you than most over refined foods that are put into stuff.

Thumbs up for the range, but the BIG CUP is a little too indulgent for me. Will eat the white ones soon.
By NLi10

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