19 February 2012

Sainsbury's 4 Seasonal Cookies - Chocolate Chilli (@SainsburysPR) [By @NLi10]

Here is something that probably shouldn't exist.

We are familiar now in the UK with supermarket brand cookies. They aren't quite as nice as Millie's or Cookie Jar, but they are nicer than the sealed store packets made in far away factories weeks before. These are 'baked in store' which means that they at least get heated up a little bit to finish them off and are usually squidgy and soft and a bag tends to cost a pound.

We shared these four cookies graciously provided by our host at a house warming party, but by the time I came to take my first bite I'd forgotten that they were anything special. And by special I mean chilli. It's certainly a strange sensation, like chilli cake must feel like, and I can't think of many biscuit makers that have decided to jump on the put chilli in the chocolate band wagon. I think the reason for this is that it tastes wrong. It isn't unpleasant, it's just wrong.

My brain took about half of the cookie to figure out that it wasn't a mistake and that I had genuinely chosen to eat this. The second half was a continued exploration of the feelings that you get from eating something that is spicy and soft and chocolatey at the same time. I enjoyed the strangeness, but given the choice between a second one of these and a regular cookie I think I'd choose the later - if not just to reassure my brain that it wasn't malfunctioning.

Like sweets that are deliberately the wrong colour or texture to their artificial flavour this is something you will either love or not really understand. I do like spicy chocolate, but this was a bit mad even for me. Do try it if you get the chance!
By NLi10


Daveuns said...

I agree with you on this one! I love spicy food but found that the heat in these just felt wrong!

Anonymous said...

I think these cookies are awesome! Absolutely delicious! Was actually online trying to find nutritional value to no avail when came across your post. Anyone who hasn't tried them yet, go ahea and treat yourself;).....I hope I don't find out they are 300 cals per cookie or it will be my last.

NLi10 said...

The heat burns up calories... ;)