8 February 2012

Jules Destrooper Biscuits (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

The other day I complained to Cinabar that I wasn’t eating enough, I mean, blogging enough about biscuits, mainly because I like snacking and I like biscuits. A few days later I found these posh looking Jules Destrooper biscuits on my “taste testing blog work desk”, which is set in the dark depths of Foodstufffinds’ basement. Investigating the company website showed me that Jules Destrooper was a colonial trader, based in Belgium, who combined the spices he imported from Africa and the East with other biscuit type ingredients. The first biscuits Jules came up with were his almond thins in 1886. I don’t like almonds, and Cinabar isn’t that cruel, (strange flavoured beers asides) so the biscuits below were put forward for review instead.

Jules Destrooper - Butter Crisps

In 1890 Jules devised a recipe for golden crisp butter waffles, which are thin wafer style biscuits. Butter Crisps taste similar to Brandy Snaps, with a rich, sweet brown sugar flavour. These biscuits are crunchy and brittle, yet after biting they melt in the mouth. Butter Crisps would go very well with ice-cream or fruit puddings. If you’re the dunking kind, Butter Crisps would go well with coffee or milk. Dunking biscuits into tea is a heinous crime. I knew someone who liked to dunk buttered toast into tea. Of course, I reported them to the authorities, but they didn’t seem interested! :-D

Jules Destrooper – Chocolate Thins

Milk Chocolate Thins

After stealing a few, Cinabar informed me that these are “uneven thins”, which loosely means that they are uneven biscuits (not flat) with chocolate dumped unceremoniously all over them. However, there was a good helping of luxurious milk chocolate that made my mouth water whilst I defended the biscuits from prying fingers and scoffed the remainder. The biscuits are sweet and crunchy, but don’t melt in mouth like the Butter Crisps. I immediately earmarked these biscuits as my favourites in the box. I’m a stickler for milk chocolate anyway, so perhaps I should have tried the others first?

White Chocolate Thins

There was only a couple of these White Chocolate Thins in the box. The sweetness of the chocolate contrasted with the sweet biscuit. Although there was still a really good creamy flavour to the chocolate, I was glad there wasn’t more than a couple in the box. I found them a little oversweet, and as I’m sure you’d agree that I’m sweet enough (No comments from the Editor please).

Dark Chocolate Thins

These biscuits are covered with rich, flavoursome dark chocolate, which complemented the sweet biscuit. These were Cinabar’s favourites out of the thins, fortunately leaving me with more milk chocolate biscuits to eat. I would say that these were easily my second favourite out of the box, as they were such a pleasure to eat, which is a rare statement from me regarding dark chocolate.
By Spectre

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