12 February 2012

White Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Mr. Simms Sweet Shop) [By NLi10]

Today is the follow up to the BIG CUP peanut butter cups review. I finally managed to get around to being in the mood to try out the white peanut butter cups, and took another pic with the little milk for scale. Baskerville my wrist-rest dog also wanted to be in the picture.

I had suspected that the big cup would be extreme peanut butter and wasn't disappointed, and that the white choc would be extreme sweetness. This was also true, from the first bite it was clear that this would be above the comfort point of most humans for the tolerance of sweetness. This is above fizzy flying saucers in its ability to catch the back of your throat and caused me to hunt out some yummy green tea to fight back with.

I enjoyed the flavour and it was a great experience but dark choc works much better than the white for me I'm afraid!
by NLi10


Anonymous said...

You can now buy these in Tesco

Unknown said...

Preferred white tbh

cinabar said...

Reese Pieces are becoming more mainstream - our local WHSMith now has them!