27 February 2012

Reese’s Shell [Ice Cream Topping] (USA) [By @Cinabar]

When I was a kid I can remember having a triangular shaped bottle of ice cream topping that set when placed on ice cream. I remember the bottle had a lid that look like the top of a mountain cap, and I used to love the stuff. I can also remember being rather disappointed when it disappeared from UK shelves. It was one of those great retro products from my childhood that I thought was long gone. The ‘magic’ of it always used to make me smile, watching the topping go from runny to solid was always so neat.
I thought I’d never see the stuff again, but then the lovely Jess from Foodette Reviews sent me a bottle of Reese’s Shell from the USA, which is a similar product. She didn’t just send any flavour either – its chocolate and peanut butter, oh my. Novelty and my two favourite flavours all in one ice cream topping, I’m not sure dessert gets any better than this!
As I was curious about the science I had a look on Wikipedia to see how the sauce actually works, and in simple terms something like coconut oil reduces the setting point of the chocolate so that it is more liquidy at room temperature. Hence you shouldn’t store this bottle in the fridge (although you can warm it in hot water to make it work again if needed).
I scooped a generous spoonful of vanilla ice cream into a bowl and squeezed the sauce on top. The chocolate was quite thick and was quite difficult to free from the bottle, but after a little warming up (from my hand temperature) it eventually gushed onto the ice cream. I accidentally gave myself a very generous portion!
I watched as it set almost immediately, despite the amount. Although it looks like a thick liquid on the photo, I can confirm that you could easily pick off the whole dollop in one solid chunk. Aces! The flavour was fabulous too. Any added coconut oil did not distract from the sweet milk chocolate and nutty salty taste of peanut. It was rich on flavour, and did taste like biting into a Reese’s Cup, pure yum. The flavour might be a bit busy for the likes of complex ice cream varieties, but on good old vanilla it is a match made in heaven. I loved cracking the set chocolate before each mouthful, the texture just fascinated me.
It is clever product, and it is fun, and it is guaranteed to amuse any kids that might be watching (not to mention adults like me)! Here is hoping I never stop enjoying novelty food products. This totally took me back to my childhood and gave me a lovely feeling of nostalgia. The fact that the sauce is flavoured with peanut butter and chocolate just about made it the most wonderful ice cream topping ever. I loved it. Thanks so much Jess, I’m going to harass the import shops here till they stock it!
By Cinabar


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

That UK product would have been Birds Iced Magic. They had a TV advert which showed people skiing down ice-cream, pursued by the topping. Which is more of a nightmare, when you think about it.

Juice said...

I love this stuff. It is absolutely delicious.

www.returnofthe80s.com said...

Askeys has been making a similar product for a while now


Rodzilla said...

Jess is brilliant. That's the perfect item to send in a "best of" US junk food package - and one I hadn't even thought of.

bob said...

Oh dear!
The second pic makes it look rather un-appetising in a "Cor! Glad I didn't step in THAT!" way.

cinabar said...

I know - it came out a bit fast and looks a bit ick on the picture... you'll have to take my word for it though, it is gorgeous stuff! :-)