15 February 2012

Vita Coco – Coconut Water with Peach and Mango (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

It states on the 330ml cardboard carton that this drink contains 100% natural ingredients, and more potassium than two bananas. Fortunately there are no bananas in the ingredients, as I feel that banana flavour never goes well in a drink (see Banana Beer) or anything else for that matter. Checking out the carton I was horrified to find that there was no straw attached. Then I noticed the foiled hole on the top of the carton was big enough to drink from. The decent sized drinking hole showed that this drink is designed to be mess free, and with less rubbish to throw away afterwards. So it’s down with straws. The cardboard is recyclable of course.

Once I pulled the metal foil off the top of the carton there was a strong mango and coconut smell. On tasting I had a good peach and mango hit to start with, but this taste is suddenly heavily diluted by the coconut water. The peach and mango taste fizzles away leaving a strangely unpleasant aftertaste of garbage coconut, mango and peach. It’s as if my tastebuds were subjected to a high speed conveyor belt with peach and mango whizzing by at the start of each gulp. I could almost hear a deep voice in the background somewhere calling out “PEACH and MANGO!” and then “… so that was peach and Mango…” and the next taste ““PEACH and MANGO! ...so that was…” The carton also states that this drink is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes with 70 times the potassium of leading sports drinks. Sadly after drinking I didn’t feel like running down to the nearest shop to buy another one.
By Spectre

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