21 February 2012

Turbo Tango (Local Newsagent) [@Turbo_Tango] [By @Cinabar]

A friend of mine said that he had tried a foaming version of Tango. I thought for a minute that perhaps he had shaken a can a little too much… that was until I spotted this drink in my local newsagent. The bottle is covered in numerous warning signs and doesn’t half look dangerous. It is claims to be Nitro fuelled (and nitrogen does indeed appear in the ingredient list) and it is designed to deliver a high speed dose of your favourite Tango. I placed the nozzle in my mouth and pushed hard on the cap and my mouth filled with an amazing amount of Tango, it was delivered at such speed I almost coughed and nearly snorted it out of my nose (not very classy). Once I got used to the drink and how to adjust the speed, I started to really enjoy it as it was really kind of fun and different. Spectre had a play too, and also smiled when then fast Tango was delivered. The taste was the usually sweet orange hit, but it was the texture of it that was so amazing. It felt like you were squirting a tub of orange flavoured spray cream into your mouth, but seconds later it dispersed into a normal liquid. It’s silly and its fun, but I actually really liked it.
The only odd part was when I was trying to capture a photograph of the drink coming out of the bottle. That is a task that is far more complex than you might think. First I had to ignore the stringent warnings on the bottle about only spraying it into your mouth, and instead I risked a cup. The problem is that you need to have the bottle upright for it to work properly, so my attempts at capturing the image were a bit of a fail. It’s much foamier than you think! Instead I ended up with a tilted cup and a disappointing looking bit of froth in the bottom. When I came to drink that bit of froth, and put the camera away it had turned into a clear liquid and despite it being only a few minutes later it was flat. The liquid in the bottom of that cup tasted really odd too, and not at all full flavoured and sweet like it did when it was in my mouth. This was a bit strange, but I guess it emphasises the point, you really should follow the instructions on the bottle!
On a final note, spare a thought for an anonymous friend who took this into the cinema on Valentines night having never tried it before. Once the silent movie The Artist started, he supped his drink and tried it for the very first time with his date next to him, and managed to soak both of them in orange fizz! You know when you’ve been Tango’d!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Is this left over stock from Last year or has it been re released?

cinabar said...

I was newly bought - so its on the shelves now.

Anonymous said...

Might have to ask you to get me one! I'll give you the money!

Lot-O-Choc said...

haha like squirty tango cream! Would hate to have been soaked in it at the cinema though, cant have been a pleasant experience hah!

C2L said...

Love the girly glasses with hearts on them!

All the fun of Turbo Tango is letting it go full blast and gambling the stop point before it goes everywhere!

Mucho Luvin


cinabar said...

The glass with the hearts on is mine... Spectre has a manly beer mug - obviously ;-)

Nope. said...

This looks so awesome! I wish we had these over here. :-(