20 February 2012

Penn State Worcester Sauce Flavour Pretzels (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Given that sometimes all the snacking for this blog makes me feel a little bit guilty, I was looking for a snack that would make a good healthier baked alternative to crisps to munch on at work. I’m never going to be totally healthy, with all the new chocolate goodies that have been coming out at the minute it made me think it might be worth while cutting calories where I can, and ensuring I go swimming regularly too! Penn State make (amongst other goodies) baked pretzels, and they come in a good array of flavours too and so I thought I’d pop a bag in my lunchbox for work.
I haven’t tried the Worcester Sauce variety before, so couldn’t resist an excuse to find out what they were like. I opened up the bag and sweet but spicy aromas hit my nostrils. Each one of the pretzels is just a few centimetres across, and is a knot shape made of a thin savoury biscuit. You can see that each one has a light dusting of seasoning covering it and non of the usual salt granules were visually present.
I tried the first knot of pretzel and found that Worcestershire sauce taste provided a nice initial blast of flavour that settled pleasantly leaving behind the bready/biscuit taste you would expect as the base taste. The Worcester Sauce has a nice mix of sweet, sour, and an aftertaste of tomato with a hint of spicy cloves. It was an impressively accurate flavour and rather moreish too. The bag didn’t last long at all, but neatly got me through my late afternoon hunger twinge, and kept me going till tea time.
These were a nice alternative to crisps, and the fact they are baked means they contain less fat than fried snacks. Really nice if you fancy something a bit different and the bag is the perfect size for an afternoon treat.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Have you tried the chocolate covered variety?

They are half coated with milk chocolate and salt on the other side.
Weird and salty sweet but kinda moreish.

cinabar said...

I heard a rumour about them doing choccy pretzels just before Christmas, sadly never seen them myself :-( Where did you get them from?

paulham said...


Wesley Mead said...

I heard Honey BBQ flavour Penn State pretzels were on the way, have you seen them?