10 February 2012

McCain Ready Baked Jackets (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

As tasty meals go, jacket potatoes are healthy, and filling so have a lot of plus points. They do sadly have one major flaw – if you are hungry, and forgot to plan they take far too long to cook. You can’t rush a decent jacket potato, and to get that soft feel inside and firm coat you have to oven bake them which can literally take hours.
This unfortunately means that if you happen to be cooking sausage and egg and fancy a jacket potato on the side there was no chance, unless you made the decision at least an hour before. That was until now. This new product from McCain may seem like a simple idea, but it really is pure genius. They have done all the hard work for you and slow baked the jacket potatoes before popping them in the box. This means that if you happen to fancy a spud and you have some of these in, they only take five minutes in the microwave and ding and you are ready to go. The magic is that they still have all the consistency of an oven baked potato, the skin is perfect has texture and easily pulls away from the flesh within. The potato itself is soft and has that slightly fluffy almost powdery texture which is exactly what you would expected from a slow cooked jacket potato. The flavour is full, and if you add butter and cheese it just enhances it perfectly.
I love this new product, it’s a simple concept but one that shouldn’t be underrated. It is definitely one I’ll be keeping in, as it just makes such a quick and easy meal without losing out on any of that oven baked taste and texture.
By Cinabar

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