2 February 2012

Kellogg's Totally Chocolatey Krave (Ocado) [By @NLi10]

First up - as requested on Twitter this is a picture of all the cereal I currently have in the house. I happened to mention I'd made a big Ocado order to stock up, but this isn't a particularly unusual amount for me to have (although I have been cutting down recently). There are also back up boxes of some of the staple cereals like Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

And on to the review!

There are lots of competitions to find new flavours in snack food. Cinabar had a KitKat from one the other day! Essentially these are a Simon Cowell style way of getting the public to not only tell you which b(r)and they prefer, but also then feel like you have won when you have told them. It all originally stems from the kind of end-of-year poll that magazines do so they know what films to write most about next year to keep you buying it!

I've no objection to this approach, more cereal is good, and keeping the popular ones usually happens anyway.

This sees a double chocolate version of Krave vs a caramel chocolate version of Krave. I haven't eaten the right hand one yet so that will be for another day. In my last visit to the Krave Krusader's lair (when he didn't have a name and the cereal was pretty new) I remarked that the Asda own brand is cheaper, nicer and therefore better. I'll stick to comparing this to normal flavour Krave today though.

I'm not sure this double choc version is aimed at me, my tastes are drifting away from the sweet into the more balanced cereals. I like a good shreddie or the nice plain cornflake so overloading this with sweetness wasn't a great thing. That said it's quite nice, and would do well as a mixer cereal where you have a plain base cereal with something sweet or chocolatey on top. I think I prefer the original recipe Krave after this one bowl, but I'll keep munching on both boxes and give you a full review in a couple of weeks.
By NLi10


Lot-O-Choc said...

Im such a big cereal head! I cant wait to try the new Weetabix with Golden Syrup that is coming out and the new Alpen variety; i havent trid this krave version yet though so i may have to get some of that too..ooh and chocolate cornflakes..theres just so much!

NLi10 said...

There are always an amazing amount of great cereals to go mad on - it's ace!