23 February 2012

Kellog's Krave - Chocolate Caramel (Ocado) [By @NLi10]

Watching the Brit awards I noticed an advert for the Krave cereal that suggested that there was a winner in their contest! Turns out the Caramel & Chocolate variety had proven victorious. I'd ordered one of each flavour but never gotten around to opening the caramel one as it's not really a morning flavour for me.

This reminder was the little push I'd needed to brave the Krave Krusader's latest flavour and see whether I'd place it above the chocolate version reviewed before. The flavours come from the crispy outside having a caramel flavour with the regular chocolate inside. This actually produces a neat stripe down a few of the little guys which is visually a lot more interesting than most cereals. As I suspected crunchy Rolos for breakfast is a pretty strange experience. The initial flavour isn't too strong though, and it's more the aftertaste of a pudding that makes it a little unique. I'll be happy to finish the box, but unlikely to rush out and get this (Lion bar cereal is nicer) it's not as bad as feared and I would agree and place it above the double choc Krave that the public eliminated.


Gu - After Dark Key Lime Pies

Since Cinabar reviewed these back in 2010 they have been branded to match the rest of the Gu things even though they don't contain chocolate. They are still as nice as ever and best as a little treat, rather than a regular thing as they are very filling!
By NLi10

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