11 February 2012

Boxerchips – Crackpot Pepper and Salty Salt Flavour (Selfridges) [By @SpectreUK]

These Boxerchips were packaged with a mind to become more space efficient, especially when stored for serving on aeroplanes. Boxerchips’ website told me that 45% of a regular 40g bag of crisps is wasted air, with another 25% of wasted air when the crisp bags are placed in bulk in a box for transportation. Manufactured by the Boxerchips Company, in Dublin, these potato crisps are gourmet, hand cooked, and scream quality from the smart outside packaging to the product inside. I opened the rectangular bag to find a box that unfolded into a makeshift cardboard bowl with crisps inside. There were the usual 40g of crisps in the box, at a healthy sounding 187 calories. The crisps had a decent crunch, and a lovely salty and black pepper taste. All ingredients and packaging are sourced within the UK. Other flavours offered by the Boxerships Company are; cheese and red onion; ready salted; salt and vinegar; and various veggies flavour (which consists of parsnip, sweet potato and beetroot). Not sure about the various veggies flavour, as I’ve had some run-ins with beetroot before, but I’ll be happy to seek out the other flavours, as I love the idea of having a box of rustle free crisps that I can sit down and watch a movie with. No washing up afterwards, just pop the box in the recycling bin. Bonus! 
By Spectre

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