17 February 2012

Philadelphia with Cadbury Milk Chocolate (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Philadelphia with Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Philadelphia with Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Philadelphia is a cream cheese and is normally partnered with chives or garlic or other pleasantly savoury ingredients, so this product may look a bit weird to the untrained eye. In continental Europe, Philadelphia with Milka chocolate has been around for some time and is a very popular product there. Here in the UK chocolate cheese cake is a very common combination and not actually anything we would even think was weird. So when Kraft (who has Philadelphia under its wing) merged with Cadbury it probably did seem that this was a more natural progression than you might think.
Notably the tub of “Choccy Philly” as I am told the cool kids call it, doesn’t make reference to Dairy Milk specifically just Cadbury Chocolate. I peeled back the lid and found a thick brown paste within, just a tad lighter in texture than a chocolate spread. I smoothed some onto a piece of brown toast and tucked in. The spread was nice. It was creamy and sweet and had pleasant chocolate tones, followed by that dairy flavour of cream cheese. I munched my toast quite happily, but didn’t get that wonderful sweet sugar rush that you would expect from Nutella. I have a sweet tooth, something that looks like chocolate spread on toast should in my head should taste like chocolate spread on toast, but the flavour just seemed really muted on that front. I will quite happily finish the tub, but I don’t think I’d rush out for another. Just when I was trying to work out where this products target market was, the answer appeared in front of me. My mum, who would never expose her taste buds to regular ‘chocolate spread’ tried it, and loved it. The lighter tone, and the hint of dairy all just worked for her, and she said she would buy it again in the future as it wasn’t too sweet. So there you go, this is the ideal chocolate spread, for those people who don’t like chocolate spread!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

This could have been so much better! I tried it on toasted bagels & digestive biscuits (mini cheesecakes) but disappointingly found it too chocolatey (if there is such a thing) with a distinctly absent taste of cream cheese :-(

cinabar said...

Anon - Too chocolatey? Not sweet enough for me! :-D

Jeremai - I love the sound of honey nut - that could really work!

Faye said...

I just got a jar of the chocolate spread from a friend and we just sampled it. A bit sweet for me and would prefer it in dark chocolate. Then I thought I'd mix it with cream cheese like I do with Nutella and stumbled into your post when I was looking for more images of the choco spread. Amusing and amazing. Anyway, here's what I did with Nutella and cream cheese so I'll probably do the same thing with Cadbury milk chocolate spread.

Juanita said...

I have eaten a small tub of Kraft Philadelphia with Milka chocolate and very good it was too. Not as sweet as Nutella alone naturally. I actually prefer this. A lot less fattening I shouldn't wonder.

cinabar said...

I liked the creaminess of it - it is something I've bought a few times as an alternative to Nutella. They now have a nice snack pack size too.