26 February 2012

Grand Marnier - Part 3 – Pancakes [by @NLi10]

Before Christmas the nice people at Grand Marnier sent me the ingredients to enter into their cupcake challenge. I took pics and videos and set it all up for a review. I also tried another simpler recipe of my own. Neither of these has been fully written up, but this third attempt only makes sense in and around Shrove Tuesday so you are getting part three first even though it lacks the context of the first two. Hail Eris!

This didn't start off as a review - this started as me taking a picture of our new kitchen scales to show the people who got it us for Christmas. Note how the scales are on zero even with the bowl & flour as they turned themselves off while I was getting the camera ready... In the background where it sits on the kitchen counter was the Grand Marnier - and this gave me an idea.

First up is the regular pancakes - these are very nice and by the end I get good at doing them (Delia's recipe is on the BBC site and pretty straightforwards - iPhone FTW). Ms. NLi10 also agrees and we get through 2/3rds of the batter on these.

Then I stick a shot of Grand Marnier into the remaining batter.

This turned out to be a bit excessive, there were lots of odd holes from bubbles in the pancakes (I whisked the orange liquor into the batter) and I think I needed to let it stand a bit before pouring. The one shown above was typical for these - they seemed to brown and crisp a lot faster - yum!

The flavour was odd. Despite me not being able to taste it in my first pancake (then realising that this was one I made before adding the Grand Marnier) the flavour was actually pretty powerful. Its odd having pancakes that taste of citrus before you even add the sugar and lemon, but it's pretty nice! I'm surprised that those crepe stalls you always see at festivals haven't cottoned onto this one - it's pretty deluxe.

Shrove Tuesday is all about using up leftovers and then giving up something for Lent (I've given up Pancakes) and the Grand Marnier certainly qualifies as a left-over. It certainly works well as a desert ingredient though - maybe I should try it with biscuits too, Delia's recipes though - NOT Grand Marnier's...
By NLi10

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