30 October 2008

Cadbury's Flake Ice Cream (Sainsbury's)

Cadbury's Flake Ice Cream
Well I made an important discovery a little while ago that Golden Syrup and Dairy Milk ice cream were two of the nicest ice creams ever. I was very happy to find Cadburys Flake ice cream as a previously undiscovered part of the range.
This ice cream has a creamy vanilla base with both flecks and chunks of Flake mixed in.
The vanilla is a good quality, but the small flecks of Flake make little difference to the flavour. Each mouthful that contained a chunk of Flake however was lovely, the gentle crunch of it breaking up when you bite in, and the peak of chocolaty flavour make for ice cream perfection. But, and there is a but, the larger chunks of Flake are few and far between... The ice cream essentially becomes a game of treasure hunt as you search for the bigger Flake pieces!

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